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Raychem trace heating and ATEX intrinsically safe explosion proof hazardous area lighting and equipment

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Atex Equipment is an approved partner distributor for Raychem heat tracing from Pentair Thermal Management. Raychem and Digitrace ranges of self regulating, constant wattage, power limiting and series resistance trace heating cables. With our vast experience, market leading and comprehensive trace heating product design and installation service Atex Equipment is more than just a supplier of Raychem trace heating. We can assist with all your heat management requirements and with continued product innovation and development you are guaranteed that all our heat tracing products and solutions will not only comply to but exceed the very latest requirements to guarantee safety within hazardous area locations.


Our extensive ATEX certified products include;
•lights, junction boxes, terminal enclosures, control stations, plugs and sockets manufactured    from either GRP, cast alloy or stainless steel and certified EExd, EExe or EExn.
• Electric ATEX trace heating system design, supply and installation, self regualting, constant wattage, series resistance or mineral isolated heating cables complete with accessories and controllers for your complete bespoke trace heating system.
• ATEX Intrinsically safe handheld instruments and computers certified EEx i Trace heating and explosion protection within ATEX certified areas is our business. All our trace heating and ATEX products are IP rated and certified for use in hazardous areas zone 1 or 2, gas groups IIB or IIC. Whatever your requirement within flameproof hazardous areas contact Atex Equipment for the answer.

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