Heat trace and ATEX explosion proof electrical equipment for hazardous area locations


nVent RAYCHEM heat trace cable for frost protection and temperature maintenance in hazardous area locations with potential explosive atmospheres.The Raychem heat trace range includes;

  • self regualting, constant wattage, power limiting and series resistance heater cable
  • junction boxes, power connection and cable end seal kits
  • splice, tees
  • accessories, supports and tapes
  • Raystat thermostats, both surface and ambient sensing
  • Elexant and NGC advanced heat trace controllers


ATEX certified flameproof explosion protection products for hazardous areas. These include;

  • LED lights - linear, floodlight and bulkhead luminaires
  • Isolators and safety switches
  • Junction boxes and terminal enclosures
  • Control stations
  • Plugs and sockets
  • Beacons, sounders and horns
  • Limit switches