Throughout this website the terminology explosion proof, intrinsically safe, atex rated, atex approved, atex certified,flameproof, hazardous area, explosion protected, heat tracing, heating cable, mobile computing and Ex are used to describe products in a manner and way to make them clear to the reader. This teminology is not and does not apport to be a correct legal definition or ATEX rating. The information supplied is for illustration only and should not be used as reference or in anyway be considered as qualified technical advice on the ATEX standards or the appropriateness of equipment. Atex Equipment Ltd endeavour to make sure the information is a accurate and upto date as possible.

Atex Equipment Ltd is a an approved authorised distributor partner for Pentair Thermal Management formerly known as Tyco Thermal Controls and as such the Raychem, Digitrace, Tyco, Hew-therm and Pyrotenax trade names are used with permission. 



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