Pentair 10 Year Extended Product Warranty For Industrial Heating Products


To underline our confidence in the quality of our products, Pentair Thermal Management now also offers an extended product warranty program

A ten (10) year limited warranty from date of purchase is available on the follo wing products:
Brand Type Products
Raychem Heating cable type BTV, QTVR, XTV, KTV, VPL, FMT, FHT
Raychem Components Standard connection kits* for the products listed above
Hew-Therm Heating cable type XPI, XPI-S
Hew-Therm Components Standard connection kits* for the products listed above
Pyrotenax Heating units Factory pre-terminated MI heating units, using heating cable type HAx (Alloy
*standard connection kits are limited to appropriately selected power connection kits, splice kits and end seals as listed to be
compatible in Pentair Thermal Management’s actual product documentation

To benefit from this extended product warranty, the customer must complete an online warranty registration form at www. within thirty (30) days from the date of installation, otherwise only standard warranty applies. All other
warranty conditions apply as described in the standard warranty program.
This extended warranty is only valid for products purchased and installed within EU, CIS, or EFTA countries after March 15th,