The Beginning

Founder of Raychem, Paul Cook, graduated from MIT University (USA) with a degree in chemical engineering in 1947. He joined the Stanford Research Institute started to work on radiation chemistry, and how it could be used to develop new polymeric materials.


Raychem is born

March 1957, Cook founded Irradiated Products Inc and renamed it in 1960 to Raychem. The key to success was radiation crosslinking. This led to the creation of high-performance products such as heat-shrinkable tubing.

Ski-wax to heating paper

In the early 50s a bright scientist / skier, BobJohansson, made a unique discovery that revolutionized home and industrial heating. His search for an ideal ski-wax, incredibly led to the development of a 'magic' heating paper.



In 1957 Chemelex Inc was founded in New York, and began producing Cellotherm, a parallel-circuit heating paper for residential applications.


Self regulating technology

In 1969 Raychem acquires Chemelex and two revolutionary technologies united.

This led to the first polymeric self-regulating heating cable for industrial use,called Auto-Trace. In 1974 it became widely commercialized for trace heating of pipelines and storage vessels.

Raychem - step into the future with Raychem   

Raychem Today

In 2014, we celebrate 40 years of Raychem self regulating trace heating technology. Since 2012 Raychem is a leading brand of Pentair, and today it is still recognized as a true leader in electric heat-tracing solutions.