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nVent RAYCHEM E-19 end seal kit

nVent RAYCHEM E-19 trace heating heat shrink under insulation end seal kit. The E-19 is ATEX approved for use with Raychem XTV and Raychem KTV trace heating cable

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nVent RAYCHEM E-19 trace heating end seal kit is hot applied low profile end seal designed and approved to terminate one Raychem self regulating XTV or KTV trace heating cable in industrial and ATEX hazardous area locations. The Raychem E-19 is approved by PTB and Baseefa for use in ATEX hazardous locations zone 1, zone 2, zone 21, zone 22 and be used with temperatures ranging from -50°C to +200°C.

The unigue design of the E-19 trace heating end seal kit suits the demands of ATEX hazardous area locations and the industrial environments. The low profile end seal kits combine an easy to use heat-shrinkable tubing with an adhesive, that when exposed to heat forms a semi-flexible moisture proof encapsulation over the end of a Raychem XTV or KTV trace heating cable.

 E-19 kit includes
1 xE-19 heat shrinkable tube / sleeve external end seal
1 xAdhesive coated heat shrinkable end seal enclosure housing
1 x Raychem installation instructions and guide
E-19  approvals
Area classificationHazardous area, Zone 1, Zone 2 (Gas), Zone 21, Zone 22 (Dust)
ATEX approvalsEx II 2GD Ex e II T*C
 Ex II 2GD Ex e II T*C
 Ex tD A21 IP66 T*C
 DNV Certificate No E-8933 and E-8934
E-19 Enclosure details 
Enclosure materialRaychem heat-shrinkable tubing
Ingress protectionIP66
Sealing grommetRaychem adhesive coated heat-shrinkable sleeve
E-19 Technical specification
Heating cable capabilityRaychem XTV, KTV trace heating cables
Installation temperature-50°C minimum
Operating temperature-50°C to +200°C
Dielectric strength> 6 MV/m
Volume resistivity10¹⁰ Ω cm
Dimension135 mm