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nVent RAYCHEM S-69 trace heating splice kit

nVent RAYCHEM S-69 trace heating heat shrink under insulation splice kit. The Raychem S-69 is ATEX approved for use with Raychem XTV and Raychem KTV trace heating cables within ATEX hazardous areas 

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nVent RAYCHEM S-69 trace heating splice is a hot applied low profile splice kit designed and approved to splice Raychem XTV or Raychem KTV self regulating trace heating cables in industrial ATEX hazardous area locations. The Raychem S-69 is approved by PTB and Baseefa for use in ATEX hazardous locations zone 1, zone 2, zone 21, zone 22 and suitable for temperatures ranging from -40°C to +40°C.

The unique design of the Raychem S-69 suits the demands of ATEX hazardous area locations and the industrial environments. The low profile splice kit employs easy to use heat-shrinkable tubing with an adhesive, that when heated forms a semi-flexible moisture proof encapsulation over the join of Raychem XTV or Raychem KTV trace heating cable. Electrical continuation is maintained via crimps for the conductors and a solder connection for the braid of the trace heating cable. Due to its low profile design the Raychem S-69 trace heating splice kit can be installed under insulation directly on the pipe or other surface.

 S-69 splice kit includes
1 xS-69 heat shrinkable tube / sleeve coated with adhesive
3 xinsulation sleeves coated with adhesive
2 xinsulation sleeves for cable connectors, coated with adhesive
1 xfoil sleeve for braid
1 xsolder wire
2 x crimps
1 x Raychem installation instructions and guide
S-69  approvals
Area classificationHazardous area, Zone 1, Zone 2 (Gas), Zone 21, Zone 22 (Dust)
ATEX approvalsEx II 2G EEx e II 226°C(T2)  -  for KTV cable only
ATEX markingsEx II 2 G EEx e(m)  II 226°C(T2)/T3/T4  -  for KTV cable only
 Ex II 2G EEx e II T3 and 240°C(T2)  -  for XTV cable only
 Ex II 2 G EEx e(m)  II 240°C(T2)/T3/T4  -  for XTV cable only
 DNV Certificate No E-8934
S-69 Enclosure details
Enclosure materialRaychem heat-shrinkable tubing
Ingress protectionIP66
Sealing grommetRaychem adhesive coated heat-shrinkable sleeve
S-69 Technical details
Heating cable capabilityRaychem XTV-CT or KTV-CT trace heating cable
Installation temperature-60°C minimum
Operating temperature-40°C to +40°C (ambient)
Max exposure temperature160°C
Maximum current rating40A
Dielectric strength> 6 MV/m
Volume resistivity10¹⁰ Ω cm
Dimension300 mm length, 20mm diameter