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Raychem IEK-25-Pipe insulation entry kit is designed to protect Raychem trace heating cables passing through the thermal insulation

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Trace heating - Raychem IEK-25-Pipe insulation entry kit protection for Raychem BTV, QTVR, XTV, KTV and VPL industrial parallel trace heating cables passing through thermal insulation, for use in ATEX hazardous areas

The Raychem IEK-25-Pipe insulation entry kit is suitable for all types of Raychem parallel circuit trace heating cables as well a power cables with outside diameter range 8mm to 17mm. The IEK-25-Pipe gland and grommet provide strain relief and environmental sealing t oavoid water ingress in the insulation. The Raychem IEK-25-Pipe contains a protective guiding tube which is fixed to the pipe and allows the trace heating installtion to be completed independently from the insulation work. Raychem insulation entry kits can be used for installatios of Raychem trace heating cables on pipes, to vessel and tank walls. 

Raychem IEK-25-Pipe kit includes
1 xrugged engineered polymer "T" tube
1 xExe plastic gland M25 
1 xpower cable grommet
2 xsilicon grommets for trace heating cable


Raychem IEK-25-Pipe technical details
Stand materialEngineered polymer, colour BLACK
Ingress protectionIP66, IP67
SealSilicone rubber
Gland max. exposure temp.110°C
Tube max. exposure temp.260°C
Heating cable capabilityRaychem BTV-CR, BTV-CT, QTVR, XTV, KTV and VPL
Entries1 x trace heating cable via stand
DimensionHeight 135mm, width 120mm
Weight0.13 kg