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Raychem JBM-100-E power connection junction box

The Raychem JBM-100-E is a multiple entry power connection junction box designed to connect power, up to 480 Vac to three Raychem BTV, QTVR, XTV, KTV or VPL industrial parallel heating cable. It is directly mounted onto the pipe or appropriate surface directly via and integral stand. It is approved by PTB, FM and CSA, for use in hazardous locations.

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The Raychem JBM-100-E kit is designed to connect power to up to three Raychem BTV, QTVR, XTV, KTV or VPL industrial parallel heating cable. It is approved by TRB, FM and CSA, for use in hazardous locations.

The Raychem JBM-100-E integrates the functions of both connection kits and insulation entries. The rugged stand protects the heating cable and allows for up to 100 mm (4") of thermal insulation. The core sealing boot does not require a heat gun or torch for the installation (no hot work permit necessary). The non-curing sealant (silicone free) in the boot allows easy installation and facilitates maintenance.

Innovative CAGE CLAMP® terminals from WAGO provide fast installation and safe, reliable, maintenance-free operation.

Compared to existing systems, this connection kit significantly reduces installation time. 

Raychem JBM-100-E kit includes
1 xJunction box with terminals
1 xstand
3 xcore sealer
3 xgreen/yellow earth sleeve
1 xM25 gland for power cable Ø 8 – 17 mm
1 xM25 stopping plug
1 xpolywater sachet
1 xspanner
1 xstrain relief assembly
2 xgrommet plugs
1 xinstallation instruction


Raychem JBM-100-E technical details
ATEX area classificationHazardous area, Zone 1, Zone 2 (Gas), Zone 21, Zone 22 (Dust)
ATEX approvalsPTB 09 ATEX 1056 U
ATEX markingsEx II 2G Ex e (e mb) II
 Ex II 2D Ex tD (tD mbD) A21 IP66
 IECEx PTB 09.0027U
 Ex e (e mb) II
 Ex tD (tD mbD) A21 IP66
 CSA – Ex e II T*
 DNV Certificate No E-8933 and E-8934
Raychem JBM-100-E enclosure details
Enclosure materialElectrostatic charge-resistant glass filled engineered polymer, colour BLACK
Ingress protectionIP66/IP67
SealSilicone rubber
Lid screwsStainless steel
Operating temperature-50°C to +56°C ambient
  (extra conditions for safe use apply for ambient temperatures above +40°C)
Raychem JBM-100-E  technical specification
Heating cable capabilityBTV-CR, BTV-CT, QTVR, XTV, KTV & VPL
Entries2 x M25 including power cable gland for Ø 8 – 17 mm
Installation temperature-50°C minimum
TerminalsSpring-type (2 phase, 2 neutral, 2 earth)
Max. conductor size10 mm² stranded, 10 mm² solid
Max. operating voltage480 Vac
Max. continuous current40A heating cable circuit
Weight1.9 kg