4XTV2-CT-T3 Trace heating cable Maximize

4XTV2-CT-T3 Trace heating cable

Raychem 4XTV2-CT-T3 self regulating electric trace-heating cable, mostly used mainly for temperature maintenance of pipes, tanks or vessels subjected to steam cleaning. 12 w/m output, 230V, fluoropolymer outer jacket approved for use in hazardous areas Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 21(Gas) & Zone 22 (Dust). Capable of continuous exposure temperatures up to +121°C, intermittent temperatures up to 250°C

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The Raychem 4XTV2-CT-T3 self-regulating parallel circuit trace-heating cable is mostly used for temperature maintenance of pipe, tanks or vessels which are subjected to steam cleaning. It may also be used in a variety of industrial applications for process temperature maintenance up to 120°C. It may also be used for frost protection of large pipes and applications requiring high temperature exposure capability. When used in hazardous areas the unconditional T3 temperature classification simplifies designs and 4XTV2-CT-T3 can be overlapped at valves or flanges with no risk of overheating. The cut to length capability of XTV family heat tracing cables simplifies electric heat tracing designs for complex piping systems and installation times are reduced due to state-of-the-art connection kits. The self-regulating principle of XTV heating cables will ensure that the system runs efficiently, saving energy and thereby operational costs.

Technical details
Area classificationHazardous area, Zone 1, Zone 2 (Gas), Zone 21, Zone 22 (Dust)
Traced surfaced typeCarbon steel, stainless steel, plastic, painted or unpainted
Chemical resistance:Organic corrosive solutions
Supply voltage230 Vac
ATEX certificationPTB 09 ATEX 1118 X & Baseefa 06ATEX0184X
ATEX approvalsEx II 2G Ex e II T* & Ex II 2D Ex tD A21 IP66 T*
ATEX markings IECEx PTB 09.0059X & IECEx BAS 06.0044X
 Ex II 2G Ex II T* & Ex II 2D tD A21 IP66 T*
 DNV Certificate No  DNV-GL TAE00000TV
Maintain temperature121°C (maximum)
Intermittent temperature250°C (20 bar saturated steam, maximum cumulative exposure 1000 hours)
Temperature classificationT3 in accordance with European Standard EN 60079-30-1 5.1.13
Installation temperature-60°C minimum
Bend radius13mm at  20°C
 51mm at -60°c
Physical properties
Weight170 g/metre
Conductors2 x 2.3mm² nickel plated copper
Outer sheathFluoropolymer
Power Output

12 watt per metre

Maximum circuit length based on type ‘C’ circuit breakers according to EN 60898
Electric protection sizeStart-up temperatureMaximum cable length
16A-20°C145 m
  10°C170 m
25A-20°C225 m
  10°C245 m
32A & 40A-20°C245 m
  10°C245 m