nVent RAYCHEM thermostats and controllers

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Thermostats and controllers for nVent RAYCHEM heat trace cables

nVent RAYCHEM trace heating thermostats work with an...



  • Local Thermostat Controllers

    nVent RAYCHEM local thermostats and controllers offer a variety of units providing customers with the most appropriate and effective solution for their electrical heat trace (EHT) systems.  Raychem local Raystat and Elexant controllers may be used for frost protection, broad temperature maintenance or narrow band temperature maintenance applications to protect customers instruments, pipes, tanks and vessels in most commercial, industrial and Atex zoned hazardous area applications. All Raychem local thermostats and controllers are compatible with and compliment the Raychem range of self regulating, constant wattage, power limiting, series resistance electric heat tracing cables. Whether the appropriate method of control is equipment surface sensing, ambient sensing or proportion ambient sensing control (PASC) there is a suitable Raychem controller.