RAYCHEM Elexant 5010i advanced electronic control unit for hazardous area - nVent

Raychem Elexant 5010i electronic control unit for hazardous area. The Elexant 5010i builds on the legacy of and replaces the NGC-20

RAYCHEM Elexant 5010i advanced electronic control unit for hazardous area - nVent

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Lead time: 8 weeks. Available July 2023

Product details

nVent RAYCHEM Elexant 5010i electronic heat tracing control unit. Building on the legacy and proven design of the NGC-20 the Elexant 5010i is suitable for harsher environments, with high accuracy, a faster processor, more memory and is IIoT ready. The Elexant 5010i features all the benefits of local control and the capability for central monitoring for single phase trace heating circuits up to 25 A and is approved for use in hazardous areas. It measures the temperature with up to two RTD(s) connected to the unit. The Safety temperature limiter has a dedicated temperature input. The Elexant 5010i is an advanced field-mountable electronic temperature control system providing local control and central monitoring capabilities, used for single phase circuits up to 25 A and suitable for hazardous areas. 

  1. Elexant 5010i: local control and central monitoring capabilities
  2. Elexant 5010i-LIM: with integrated intelligent safety temperature limiter (SIL 2 device) 

Explore the features and benefits of Elexant 5010i;

Proven design. Suitable for extreme environments
  • based on the NGC-20 controller in operation for 15+ years, 100,000+ units sold
  • certified ATEX and IEC Ex for hazardous area
  • ambient temperature -50°C to +60°C
  • control temperature -200°C to +700°C, supporting cryogenic applications
Faster operation. High accuracy. Future proof
  • faster processor, more memory, IIoT ready
  • measures current, voltage,ground fault,temperature,power usage
  • sensitivity to 0.1 A for short instrumentation lines
  • digital IEC 61508-SIL 3 safety limiter
  • 2 control sensors and 1 limiter sensor inputs
  • hybrid switching relay (SSR + EMR) for longer life
Easier installation. Secured configuration
  • data secured, password protected configuration with nVent RAYCHEM Elexant connect mobile App
  • intuitive user interface
  • improved Bluetooth BLE connection (range up to 10 metres)
  • power daisy chain capability, reduces infrastructure cost
Full connectivity. Anytime. Anywhere
  • seamless integration with existing Elexant controllers, nVent RAYCHEM Supervior and client DCS system
  • automated heat trace circuit self test check, real time monitoring, data analytics and alarm management, reduces manual field interventions

    Applicationpipe freeze protection and temperature maintenance
    Area of Usenon-hazardous area
    hazardous areas Zone 1 and Zone 2 (Gas) Zone 21 and Zone 22 (Dust) 
    Exposure temperature range-50°C to +60°C
    Storage temperature range-55°C to +80°C
    Supply voltage100 V.a.c. to 250 V a.c. ±10% 50/60 Hz
    Power consumption20 VA
    TerminalsL,N & PE: 9 x 6 mm² 
    alarm: 3 x 2.5 mm²
    sensor: 8 x 1.5 mm² (Elexant 5010i)

                 12 x 1.5 mm² (Elexant 5010i-LIM)
    RS-485: 7 x 1.5 mm² 
    earth for RTD shield: 1 x 6 mm²
    Contact main switch25 A / 254 V a.c. (resistive load)
    Alarm relay3 A / 250 V a.c., programmable (OPEN/CLOSE/TOGGLE)
    Temperature range controller-200°C to 700°C in 1K intervals
    Temperature range limiter50°C to +599°C in 1K intervals (Elexant 5010i-LIM only)
    Voltage measured90 V a.c. to 305 V a.c.
    Load current measured0.1 A to 30 A
    Ground fault currentfrom 10 mA to 500 mA (RCD/ELCB)
    Heater time alarmfrom 1 to 1 x 10hours
    Relay cycle alarmfrom 0 to 2 x 10hours
    Electrical safetyEN 61010-1, Category III, Pollution degree 2
    Vibration and ShockShock 1/2 sine wave of 11 ms duration, 15 g
    Vibration sine wave 10 to 150 Hz (p-p), 2 g
    Method1. handheld programming device and wireless Bluetooth connection
    2. RS485 interface and nVent RAYCHEM Supervisor software
    4. nVent RAYCHEM User Interface Terminal (NGC-UIT) and nVent RAYCHEM software
    Unts of measure°C or °F, software selectable

    Non-volatile, no loss of parameters after power outage or long term shut down, data holding time ~ 10 years

    LED indicators Elexant 5010iHeater, Alarm, RS-485 communication, Bluetooth (BLE 8-10m range) communication
    LED indicators Elexant 5010i-LIMHeater, Alarm, Limiter Tripped, RS-485 communication and Bluetooth
    Communication portRS-485 and Bluetooth
    Type2-wire RS-485
    CableOne shielded twisted pair 0.5 mm² (not included)
    Lengthup to 1,200 m
    Quantityup to 247 devices per port
    ProtocolModbus RTU or ASCII. Multidrop/Daisy chain
    MaterialGlass fibre reinforced with internal earth plate
    Ingress protectionIP 66 per IEC-60529
    Entries3 x M25 - power
    3 x M20 - digital communication
    2 x M16 - temperatures sensors
    Pipe mountingDirect pipe mounting via SB-125 surface temperature 230°C
    Surface mounting via M6 mounting holes
    Sensor (standard)
    TypePT100 3 wire

    nVent RAYCHEM  MONI-PT100-260/2
    nVent RAYCHEM  MONI-PT100-260/5
    nVent RAYCHEM  MONI-PT100-260/10

    ATEX: UL 22 ATEX 2446X
    Ex II 2 G Ex eb ib mb [ib] IIC T4 Gb
    Ex II 2 D Ex tb [ib] IIIC T67°C Db IP66
    -50°C ≤Tamb ≤+60°C)

    IECEx: UL 22.0034X
    Ex eb ib mb [ib] IIC T4 Gb 
    Ex tb [ib] IIIC T67°C Db IP66
    Function safety approval
    CSA FSP 21016
    SIL 2 (1oo1)

    Width220 mm
    Height120 mm (excluding glands)
    Depth120 mm
    Weight2.2 kg: Elexant 5010i
    2.3 kg: Elexant 5010i-LIM