RAYCHEM EM2-CM-MAT constant wattage heat mat. 300 W/m² - nVent

EM2-CM-MAT, nVent RAYCHEM heating mat with constant power cable, colour blue

RAYCHEM EM2-CM-MAT constant wattage heat mat. 300 W/m² - nVent

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Lead time: 3 to 5 days

Product details

nVent RAYCHEM EM2-CM-MAT constant wattage heating mat for fast and effective ramp and access way heating, to prevent ice and snow formation. The easy to use fast roll out mat configuration allows for quick and consistent deployment of the heating cable ensuring the required power output is installed. The EM2-CM-MAT is supplied as a complete assembly with pre-terminated 4m power cable attached for onsite connection to a junction box and RAYCHEM control device or SBS-XX-CM-20 control panel. The EM2-CM-MAT is an ideal solution for track heating of ramps, loading bays, driveways, emergency escapes routes and pedestrian walkways.

EM2-CM-MAT Features & Benefits

  • Simple to design: 300 W/m² power output, 600 mm width heating mat
  • Easy to install: highly flexible cable, simple roll out prior to concrete pour
  • Maximum confidence: complete assembly, factory determined cable joint within poured concrete 
  • Available in sizes to cover 1.2  to 12.6 

    ApplicationSurface snow and ice melting
    Suitable installation surfaceAny stable subsurface
    Cable spacing300 mm
    Nominal power output 300 W/m²  at 5°C
    Maximum exposure temperature 
    Minimum installation temperature5°C
    Supply voltage230 VAC
    Circuit breaker requiredBS EN 60898  Type C or D
    RCD protection30 mA
    Heater cable typeTwin core, constant power cable
    Heater cable jacketPVC, colour BLUE
    Heater cable outside diameter7 mm
    Chemical resistanceSuitable for embedding within poured concrete
    Cold lead length4 m
    EM2-CM-MAT available sizes
    Product nameMat size
    Power Output
    EM2-CM-MAT-2M2 m600 mm1.2 m²360 W
    3 m600 mm
    1.8 m²540 W
    EM2-CM-MAT-4M4 m600 mm
    2.4 m²
    720 W
    5 m600 mm
    3 m²
    900 W
    EM2-CM-MAT-7M7 m600 mm4.2  1260 W
    EM2-CM-MAT-10M10 m600 mm6.0  1800 W
    EM2-CM-MAT-13M13 m600 mm7.8  2340 W
    EM2-CM-MAT-16M16 m600 mm9.6  2880 W
    EM2-CM-MAT-21M21 m600 mm12.6  3780 W
    IEC62395:2013CE, VDE