RAYCHEM EM2-XR-PACK pre-terminated heating cable assembly for ramp or surface area heating - nVent

nVent Raychem EM2-XR-Pack, pre-termination cable assemblies for ramp heating. Colour Orange

RAYCHEM EM2-XR-PACK pre-terminated heating cable assembly for ramp or surface area heating - nVent

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nVent RAYCHEM EM2-XR-PACK pre-terminated heating cable assemblies, consisting of EM2-XR heating cable, power connection cable, end and power connection cable. It is rugged and robust; designed to provide effective ramp heating to prevent snow or ice formation  

EM2-XR-PACK Features & Benefits

  • Self-regulating technology: regulates heat output according to ambient temperature
  • Efficient: energy saving
  • Simple to design: streamline, simplified design, flexible cable capable to fit any ramp shape or size
  • Low installed cost: pre-terminated flexible cable, can be cut to length at site
  • Control: advanced control and monitoring to maximum energy savings
  • Reliable: 10 year warranty

    ApplicationCar park ramps and access ways. loading bays, footpaths, aircraft taxi ways
    Min.nominal power output 90 W/m at 0°C in ice water
    Maximum circuit length85 m
    Circuit beaker type /sizeType C / max. 50 A
    Suitable substructureAny stable subsurface
    Maximum exposure temperature 
    100°C - continuous
    110°C - intermittent power on (800 h max.)
    BraidTinned copper
    Braid coverage80 %
    Outer jacket materialModified polyolefin
    Outer jacket colourORANGE
    Minimum bend radius50 mm
    Cable spacingConcrete (ramp on ground): 300 mm
    Concrete (suspended ramp): 250 mm
    Asphalt topped concrete (ramp on ground): 300 mm
    Paving stone (ramp on ground): 250 mm
    Cover depthConcrete: 50 - 70 mm
    Asphalt topped concrete: 50 - 60 mm
    Paving stones: 80 - 90 mm
    Supply voltage208 - 277 VAC 
    Chemical resistanceInorganic solutions
    EM2-XR cable 
    (230 VAC)
    Maximum circuit length (m). Based on start up temperature +12°C
    16 A20 A32 A50 A
    *** IMPORTANT ***  30 mA residual current device (RCD) and a circuit breaker (C-type characteristic) required for maximum safety and fire protection.
    Tested and approved  CE, VDE

    Thickness9.5 mm
    Width18.9 mm
    Weight0.27 kg/m
    Conductors2 x 2.5 mm² nickel plated copper