RAYCHEM EM4-CW constant wattage heating cable. 25 W/m² - nVent

EM4-CW, nVEnt RAYCHEM EM4-CW constant power output cable assembly 25 watt per metre, 400 VAC, colour blue

RAYCHEM EM4-CW constant wattage heating cable. 25 W/m² - nVent

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Lead time: 3 to 5 days

Product details

nVent RAYCHEM EM4-CW constant power output heating cable assembly for fast and effective ramp and access way heating, to prevent ice and snow formation.  The pre-terminated EM4-CW cable assembly comes complete with a end seal and a 4 metre cold lead eliminating the need for onsite termination. Easy to use simply install the cable assembly over the required area and connect the cold lead to a junction box and RAYCHEM control device or SBS-XX-CW-20 control panel. The EM4-CW assembly is an ideal solution for track heating of ramps, loading bays, driveways, emergency escapes routes and pedestrian walkways, where a 3 phase 400 V supply is available.

Features & Benefits

  • Simple to design: upto 300 W/m² power output
  • Easy to install: highly flexible cable, simple roll out prior to concrete pour
  • Maximum confidence: complete assembly, factory determined cable joint 
  • Available in lengths: 25 m to 250 m 

    ApplicationSurface snow and ice melting
    Nominal power output
    25 W/m at 5°C 
    Cable spacing8 cm (minimum) to 10 cm
    Maximum exposure temperature 
    Minimum installation temperature5°C
    Supply voltage400 VAC
    Circuit breaker requiredBS EN 60898  Type C or D
    RCD protection30 mA
    Heater cable typeTwin core, constant power cable
    Heater cable jacketPVC, colour BLUE
    Heater cable dimensions8.9 mm W x 5.5 mm H
    Chemical resistanceSuitable for embedding within poured concrete
    Cold lead length4 m
    Storage temperature-40°C  to +45°C 
    EM4-CW cable assemblies
    Product NameLength (m) Resistance (Ω)Power Output (W)CB Size (400 VAC)
    EM4-CW-26M2624665010 A
    87510 A
    155010 A
    12152 Ω
    302510 A
    EM4-CW-172M17237 Ω430016 A
    EM4-CW-210M21030 Ω
    525020 A
    EM4-CW-250M25026 Ω
    625020 A

    *** IMPORTANT ***  EM4-CW cable assemblies must NOT be shortened or spliced

    IEC62395:2013CE, VDE