RAYCHEM FHT constant wattage heat trace heating cable. Freeze protection in hazardous and non hazardous areas

nVent RAYCHEM FHT constant wattage heating cable for use in hazardous areas. Jacket colour Green - 230VAC

RAYCHEM FHT constant wattage heat trace heating cable. Freeze protection in hazardous and non hazardous areas

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This product has a minimum order quantity of 10 metres

Lead time: 3 to 5 days

Product details

nVent RAYCHEM FHT constant wattage heating cables provide freeze protection and process temperature maintenance, up to 230°C of pipes/vessels without steam cleaning requirements. They withstand intermittent exposure to 110°C and are hazardous area approved Zone 1 and Zone 2 (Gas, Zone 21 and Zone 22 (Dust). The fluoropolymer outer jacket provides high chemical resistance against aggressive organics and corrosives

Features & Benefits

  • Simple to design: long circuit lengths to 330 m, fewer power connections and faster installation
  • Easy to install: fast installation, round geometry, cut to length, meter markings, easy use connection kits
  • Reliable long life: maintenance free, 10 year product warranty available
    ApplicationFreeze protection, temperature maintenance
    Max. maintain temperature230°C  (power on/off)
    Max. exposure temperature230°C - continuous
    260°C - intermittent (max. cumulative 1000 hours)
    Temperature classificationBy design. Temperature classification (T-rating) established using the principles of stabilised design or the use of a temperature limiting device.
    Min. installation temperature-60°C
    Supply voltageFHT2 - 230 VAC
    FHT4 - 400 VAC
    Heat zone length1.5 m
    Minimum clearance50 mm
    Chemical resistancefluoropolymer outer jacket - organic corrosives
    FMT cable minimum bend radius at installation temperature
    Installation temperatureMinimum bend radius
    ≥ -60°C25 mm
    ≥ -20°C20 mm
    ≥ -10°C15 mm
    ≥ +10°C12 mm
    FHT cable maximum power output at 10°C
    CablePower output at 10°C
    10FHT12.7 W/m
    20FHT25.5 W/m
    30FHT38.2 W/m
    40FHT51.0 W/m
    FHT2 (230 VAC) maximum heating cable circuit length (m).  Circuit breaker (C-Type characteristic)
    CB size AStart up temp.10FHT220FHT230FHT240FHT2
    FHT4 (400 VAC) maximum heating cable circuit length (m).  Circuit breaker (C-Type characteristic)
    CB Size AStart up temp.10FHT420FHT430FHT4
    * IMPORTANT* The above numbers are for circuit length estimation only. For more detailed information please request nVent RAYCHEM TraceCalc software design. nVent requires the use of a 30 mA residual current device to provide maximum safety and protection from fire. Where design results in higher leakage current, the preferred trip level for adjustable devices is 30 mA above any inherent capacitive leakage characteristic of the heater as specified by the trace heater supplier or alternatively, the next common available trip level for non adjustable devices, with a maximum of 300 mA. All safety aspects need to be proven
    ATEX: SGS20ATEX0044X
    Ex II 2 GD Ex 60079-30-1 IIC T* Gb 
    Ex II 2 GD EX 60079-30-1 IIIC T**°C Db 
    Tmin -40°C

    IECEX: IEC Ex BAS 20.0007X
    Ex 60079-30-1 IIC T* Gb
    Ex 60079-30-1 tb IIIC T**°C  Db 
    Tmin -40°C

    EAC Ex: TC RU C-BE.MЮ62.B05969 
    1Ex e IIC T6..T2 Gb X 
    Ex tb IIIC T85°C...200°C Db X  
    Ta -40°C...+56°C  IP66
    ООО "ТexИмпорт 
    Diameter (mm)
    Weight (kg/m)0.1250.1250.1250.125