RAYCHEM NGC-20 advanced electronic control unit for hazardous area is now superseded. See Elexant 5010i - nVent

nVent Raychem NGC-20 electronic control unit

RAYCHEM NGC-20 advanced electronic control unit for hazardous area is now superseded. See Elexant 5010i - nVent

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Lead time: This product is now superseded - See Elexant 5010i

Product details

nVent RAYCHEM NGC-20 electronic heat tracing control unit, featuring the benefits of local control and the capability for central monitoring for single phase trace heating circuits up to 25 A and is approved for use in hazardous areas. It measures the temperature with up to two RTD(s) connected to the unit. The Safety temperature limiter has a dedicated temperature input. nVent RAYCHEM NGC-20-C-E is an advanced field-mountable electronic temperature control system providing local control and central monitoring capabilities, used for single phase circuits up to 25 A and suitable for hazardous areas. 

  1. NGC-20-C-E: local control and central monitoring capabilities
  2. NGC-20-CL-E: with integrated intelligent safety temperature limiter (SIL 2 device) 

Raychem NGC-20 Features & Benefits

  • Easy to install, program and operate 
  • 230V a.c., up to 25A
  • Remote configuration and monitoring through the user interfaces TOUCH1500 and NGC-UIT2, or via the RAYCHEM Supervisor software
  • Local monitoring and configuration by using the NGC-CMA2 hand-held wireless tablet Extensive control, monitoring and alarm capabilities 
  • Automated system check, reduces unexpected and expensive downtime of important pipelines 
  • Comprehensive communications and networking Alarm relay, RS485 Modbus communication

    Applicationpipe freeze protection and temperature maintenance
    Area of Usenon-hazardous area
    hazardous areas Zone 1 and Zone 2 (Gas) Zone 21 and Zone 22 (Dust) 
    Exposure temperature range-40°C to +56°C
    Storage temperature range-55°C to +80°C
    Supply voltage≤ 254 V a.c. ±10% 50/60 Hz
    Power consumption20 VA
    Terminalspower supply: 6 x 6 mm²
    heating circuit output: 3 x 6 mm²
    alarm: 3 x 2.5 mm²
    sensor: 12 x 1.5 mm²

    RS485: 7 x 1.5 mm² 
    earth for RTD shield: 1 x 6 mm²
    Contact main switch500k operations at 25 A / 250 V a.c. (resistive load)
    Alarm relay3 A / 250 V a.c.
    Temperature range controller-200°C to 700°C in 1K intervals
    Temperature range limiter-60°C to +599°C in 1K intervals (NGC-CL-E only)
    Voltage measured50 V a.c. to 305 V a.c.
    Load current measured0.3 A to 30 A
    Ground fault currentfrom 10 mA to 250 mA (RCD/ELCB)
    Heater time alarmfrom 1 to 1 x 10hours
    Relay cycle alarmfrom 0 to 2 x 10hours
    Method1. handheld programming device: NGC-CMA-NH
    2. handheld programming device: NGC-CMA-EX (hazardous area)
    3. wireless Bluetooth connection or via RS485 interface and nVent RAYCHEM Supervisor software
    4. nVent RAYCHEM User Interface Terminal (NGC-UIT2-ORD) and nVent RAYCHEM software
    Unts of measure°C or °F, software selectable

    Non-volatile, no loss of parameters after power outage or long term shut down, data holding time ~ 10 years

    LED indicators for NGC-20-C-EHeater, Alarm, RS-485 communication, Bluetooth communication
    LED indicators for NGC-20-CL-EHeater, Alarm, Limiter Tripped, RS-485 communication and Bluetooth
    Temperature limit range-40°C  to +85°C (standard)
    -40°C  to +145°C (with SM-PT100-2 and HARD-78)
    -40°C  to +245°C (with SM-PT100-2 and MONI-PT100-260/2)

    HIGH temperature alarm (up to 250°C or OFF)
    LOW temperature alarm (-40°C to +245°C, OFF)
    Sensor open circuit
    Sensor short circuit
    Each parameter input and event logged, in non-volatile memory storage
    Communication portRS-485 and Bluetooth Class 1
    Type2-wire RS-485
    CableOne shielded twisted pair (not included)
    Lengthup to 1,200 m
    Quantityup to 247 devices per port
    Data rate2400, 4800, 9600, 19200 baud
    ParityNone, even, odd
    Stop bits1, 2
    ProtocolModbus RTU or ASCII. Multidrop/Daisy chain
    MaterialPolyphenylene Ether (PPE)
    Ingress protectionIP 66
    Entries3 x M25 - power
    3 x M20 - digital communication
    2 x M16 - temperatures sensors
    Pipe mountingDirect pipe mounting via SB-125 surface temperature 230°C
    Surface mounting via M6 mounting holes
    Sensor (standard)
    TypePT100 3 wire

    nVent Raychem MONI-PT100-260/2
    nVent Raychem MONI-PT100-EXE-SENSOR

    ATEX: Baseefa 08ATEX0184X
    Ex II 2 GD
    Ex e mb ib IIC T * Gb ( -40°C ≤Ta ≤+*°C)
    Ex tb IIC T* °C Db IP66 ( -40°C ≤Ta ≤+*°C)
    * see data sheet
    IECEx: BAS 08.0047X
    Ex II 2 GD
    Ex e mb ib IIC T * Gb ( -40°C ≤Ta ≤+*°C)
    Ex tb IIC T* °C Db IP66 ( -40°C ≤Ta ≤+*°C)
    * see data sheet
    EAC Ex
    TC RU С-ВЕ.ИМ43.В.01764 ООО "ТехИмпорт"
    1Ex e ib mb IIC T5/T4 Gb X
    Ex tb IIIC T100°C/T130°C Db X IP66
     -60°C < Tamb < 60°C
    Made in GE
    ООО "ТехИмпорт"

    Width230 mm
    Height120 mm (excluding glands)
    Depth110 mm
    Weight2.2 kg: NGC-20-C-E
    2.3 kg: NGC-20-CL-E