RAYCHEM SBS-R-HWAT hot water temperature maintenance panels - nVent

nVent Raychem SBS-R-HWAT panel for control of HWAT self-regulating heating cables in hot water temperature maintenance trace heating systems

RAYCHEM SBS-R-HWAT hot water temperature maintenance panels - nVent

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Lead time: 10 weeks

Product details

The nVent RAYCHEM SBS-R-HWAT control panels, combines with all HWAT-L, HWAT-M and HWAT-R self-regulating heating cables and RAYCHEM components to provide a complete solution for hot water temperature maintenance applications.

Features & Benefits

  • Switching: up to 6 heat tracing circuits
  • Control: HWAT-ECO v5 smart controller pre-installed
  • Ease of installation: direct connection of heating cables, ready to connect power cable
  • Safety: integrated circuit over current and RCD protection
  • Robust: IP65 sheet steel wall mounted enclosure
  • Design: optimal components selected for hot water temperature maintenance system
    ApplicationHot water temperature maintenance

    for nVent RAYCHEM HWAT-L, HWAT-M and HWAT-R heating cables
    Area of UseOrdinary area, indoors
    Switch accuracy± 1 K at 5°C (calibration point)
    Exposure temperature range10°C to +35°C ambient
    Panel Option1 Way3 Way6 Way
    Maximum number of heating circuits136
    Main Incomer A404040
    Quantity of contactors123
    Supply voltage230 VAC 50 Hz (1 way panels)
    400 VAC 3 phase, N and PE (3 or 6 way panels)
    TerminalsHeating cable: 3 x 10 mm²
    Sensor: 2 x 1.5 
    Circuit breaker13 A, 16 A or 20 A (C-type characteristic), per heating circuit
    RCD30 mA
    Alarm1 potential free contact in panel
    Display and programming (HWAT-ECO)
    Screen typeTouch screen, size 5" 
    LED indication (GREEN)
    1. LED green; power ON
    2. LED blinking: error warning message
    Selectable set temperatures37°C  to +65°C in 24 blocks of 1 hour per day
    °C  to +30°C ambient sensing (standard)
    Selectable operating modesOFF/ ECONOMY / MAINTAIN / HEAT UP
    Default timer programmes7 built-in building programmes, customizable in 1 hour intervals
    Boiler temperatureHIGH temperature: adjustable range up to 65°C, OFF)
    LOW temperature: adjustable range up to 37°C, OFF)
    Pipe temperature alarmHIGH temperature: adjustable range up to 65°C, OFF)
    LOW temperature: adjustable range up to 37°C, OFF)
    Sensor alarmSensor: OPEN circuit
    Sensor: SHORT circuit
    Heating cable alarmCable: OPEN circuit

    MaterialSheet steel, textured paint, RAL 7035, light gray
    Ingress protectionIP65
    Mounting optionWall mounted
    Bottom face (gland plate)
    TypeNTC 2 KOhm / 25°C; 2 wire
    Tip dimensions⌀ 5mm; length 20 mm
    Cable length3 m (standard); extendable up to 100 m using  2 x 1.5 mm² cable
    Temperature range0°C  to +90°C
    Optional accessories
    Additional sensorSENSOR-NTC-10M sensor, 10 m (line sensing)
    Power bankR-PB-POWERSMART for pre-setup in power-off mode of HWAT-ECO v5
    CE, UKCA
    EMCEN 61000-6-1:2007; EN 61000-6-3.2007+A1:2011


    1 Way3 Way6 Way
    Width300 mm400 mm400 mm
    Height400 mm600 mm600 mm
    Depth210 mm210 mm210 mm
    Weight20 kg32 kg32 kg