RAYCHEM SBS-VV-20 snow and ice melting panels for self-regulating cable - nVent

nVent Raychem SBS-VV-20 panel for control of self regulating heating cables in snow and ice melting systems

RAYCHEM SBS-VV-20 snow and ice melting panels for self-regulating cable - nVent

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Lead time: 10 weeks

Product details

The nVent RAYCHEM SBS snow melting and ice prevention heating cable control panel, combines with EM2-XR self-regulating heating cables and RAYCHEM components to provide a complete solution for freeze protection applications of reinforced concrete surfaces such as access ramps, emergency exit ways and stairs.

RAYCHEM SBS Panel: Features & Benefits

  • Switching: up to 12 heat tracing circuits
  • Flexible control: moisture and ambient sensing 
  • Control: RAYCHEM VIA-DU-20 multi sensor control device
  • Simple to design: direct connection of heating cables, no additional junction boxes needed
  • Safety: integrated circuit over current and RCD protection
  • LED indication: LEDs provide circuit ON (GREEN) status and common FAULT (RED)
  • Robust: IP65 sheet steel wall mounted enclosure
  • Design: optimal components selected for freeze protection system
    Applicationsurface ice and snow prevention

    for nVent RAYCHEM EM2-XR self-regulating cable
    Area of UseOrdinary area, indoors
    Exposure temperature range10°C to +35°C ambient
    Panel Option3 Way6 Way9 Way12 Way
    Maximum number of heating circuits36912
    Main Incomer A63100100160
    Quantity of contactors, 30 mA1234
    Supply voltage400 VAC 3 phase, N and PE
    Heating circuit supply voltage230 VAC 50/60 Hz
    TerminalsHeating cable: 3 x 10 mm²
    Sensor: 2 x 1.5 
    Circuit breaker1 x 32 A (C-type characteristic), per 3 heating circuit group
    RCD30 mA
    Alarm1 potential free contact in panel; 1 alarm LED in the door
    VIA-DU-20 Control and Monitoring
    Screen typePoint Matrix, 2 x 16 places
    Control buttons
    1. TEST
    2. MENU
    3. LANGUAGE selection (GB, D, F, I, FIN, H, PL
    4. Increase ADVANCE selected value
    5. Decrease REDUCE selected value
    6. CONFIRM
    Temperature set points+1°C to +6°C
    Base temperatureOFF, -15°C to -1°C
    Freezing rain warningLocal detection, weather service, OFF
    Switching accuracy± 1 K
    Moisture sensitivity range1 (max.) to 10 (min.)
    Post heating time30 to 120 minutes, selectable
    OverrulingOFF, ON, by BMS
    Parameters saved in unit memory in the event of power supply interruption
    MaterialSheet steel, textured paint, RAL 7035, light gray
    Ingress protectionIP 65
    Mounting optionWall mounted
    Bottom face (gland plate)
    Sensor - Moisture
    TypePTC  5 wire
    Sensor70 mm x 35 mm flat cable
    Cable length15 m (standard); extendable up to 150 m using  5 x 1.5 mm² cable
    Supply voltage8 VDC via control device
    Temperature range-30°C  to +80°C
    Sensor - Ambient
    Enclosure dimensions52 mm wide
    50 mm high
    35 mm depth
    Ingress protectionIP 54
    Terminals 1.5 to 2.5 mm² 
    Cable2 x 1.5 mm², max. length 100 m (not included)
    Exposure temperature-30°C  to +80°C
    FixingWall mountable
    CEIEC 61439-1

    Number of heating circuits36912
    Width  mm400600800800
    Height  mm600600800800
    Depth  mm210210210210
    Weight  kg`32454590