RAYCHEM SBS-xx-SNR sprinkler system frost protection panels - nVent

RAYCHEM SBS-10-SNR Sprinkler system frost protection control panel for trace heating cables

RAYCHEM SBS-xx-SNR sprinkler system frost protection panels - nVent

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Product details

The nVent RAYCHEM SBS-xx-SNR sprinkler system frost protection control panel, combines with RAYCHEM XL-Trace self-regulating trace heating cables and RAYCHEM components to provide a complete frost protection solution for sprinkler systems in accordance with BS EN 12845:2008.

Features & Benefits

  • Switching: up to 12 heat tracing circuits, 6 sprinkler lines
  • Automatic control: redundant circuit switching as required by BS EN 12845:2008
  • Automatic circuit test: periodic activation / test of redundant circuit  
  • Control: 1 x Ellreha TARN 1170 electronic control device per circuit
  • Simple to design: direct connection of heating cables, no additional junction boxes needed
  • Safety: integrated circuit over current and RCD protection
  • LED indication: Digital temperature feedback per circuit
  • Alarm indication: LED on panel front
  • Robust: IP 65 sheet steel wall mounted enclosure
  • Design: optimal components selected for freeze protection system
    ApplicationSprinkler system frost protection

    for nVent RAYCHEM XL-Trace self regulating heating cables
    Area of UseOrdinary area, indoors
    Exposure temperature range10°C to +35°C ambient
    Sensorsambient sensor and line sensor per sprinkler line
    Selector SwitchAUTOMATIC mode /  PRIME circuit ON / REDUNDANT circuit ON
    Panel Option (Circuits)24681012
    Main Incomer A323232636363
    Quantity of contactors 300 mA24681012
    Supply voltage400 VAC 3 phase, N and PE
    Heating circuit supply voltage230 VAC 50/60 Hz
    TerminalsHeating cable: 3 x 10 mm²
    Sensor: 2 x 1.5 
    Circuit breaker1 x 16 A (C-type characteristic), per circuit
    RCD300 mA
    Alarm1 potential free contact in panel; 1 alarm LED in the door
    TARN 1170 Control and Monitoring
    Screen typeLED, 12.7mm RED
    Control buttons
    1. P = Program
    2. ⇑ = Increase ADVANCE selected value
    3. ⇓ = Decrease REDUCE selected value
    Temperature set points-50°C to 100°C
    Display Range-60°C to 110°C
    Ambient temperature range-10°C to 55°C
    Switching accuracy± 1 K
    Power consumptionmax 4.4 VA
    Supply voltage250 VAC
    Failure display⇒ -60 = sensor short
    ⇒ 110 = sensor broken
    MaterialSheet steel, textured paint, RAL 7035, light gray
    Ingress protectionIP 65
    Mounting optionWall mounted
    Bottom face (gland plate)
    Sensor - Moisture
    TypePTC  5 wire
    Sensor70 mm x 35 mm flat cable
    Cable length15 m (standard); extendable up to 150 m using  5 x 1.5 mm² cable
    Supply voltage8 VDC via control device
    Temperature range-30°C  to +80°C
    Sensor - Ambient
    Enclosure dimensions52 mm wide
    50 mm high
    35 mm depth
    Ingress protectionIP 54
    Terminals 1.5 to 2.5 mm² 
    Cable2 x 1.5 mm², max. length 100 m (not included)
    Exposure temperature-30°C  to +80°C
    FixingWall mountable
    CEIEC 61439

    Panel Option (Circuits)24 & 6810 & 12
    Width  mm6008008001000
    Height  mm60080010001000
    Depth  mm210210300300
    Weight  kg`4590115140