RAYCHEM SBS-R-EM snow and ice melting panels - nVent

RAYCHEM SBS-R-EM control panel for EM2 self regulating trace heating cable

RAYCHEM SBS-R-EM snow and ice melting panels - nVent

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Product details

The nVent RAYCHEM SBS-R-EM control panel, combines with nVent RAYCHEM EM2-XR, EM2-R self-regulating heating cables, EM2-CM heating mats and RAYCHEM components to provide a complete solution for gutter and drainpipe freeze protection applications.

RAYCHEM SBS Panel: Features & Benefits

  • Switching: up to 9 heat tracing circuits
  • Flexible control: moisture and ambient sensing 
  • Control: RAYCHEM RayStat-M2 control device
  • Simple to design: direct connection of heating cables, no additional junction boxes needed
  • Safety: integrated circuit over current and RCD protection
  • Versatile: IP 65/66 plastic/metal wall mounted enclosure
  • Design: optimal components selected for freeze protection system
    Applicationsurface snow and ice melting

    for nVent RAYCHEM EM2-XR, EM2-R and EM2-CM
    Area of UseOrdinary area, indoors
    Exposure temperature range5°C to +35°C ambient
    Panel Option1 Way
    3 Way6 Way9 Way
    Maximum number of heating circuits1369
    Main Incomer A404040
    Quantity of contactors112
    Supply voltage230 VAC
    400 VAC 3 phase, N and PE
    400 VAC 3 phase, N and PE

    Heating circuit supply voltage230 VAC 50/60 Hz
    TerminalsHeating cable: 3 x 10 mm²
    Sensor: 2 x 1.5 mm²
    Circuit breaker10 A, 16 A or 20 A (C-type characteristic), per heating circuit
    RCD30 mA
    Alarm1 potential free contact in panel
     Control and Monitoring (RayStat-M2)
    LED indication
    1. POWER: on GREEN
    2. MOIST: moisture detected RED
    3. TEMP: temperature below set point RED
    4. RELAY: heater circuit energised RED
    Temperature set points0°C to +10°C
    ON/OFF differential0.4°C
    Terminals2.5 mm²
    Post heating time0 - 5 hours
    MaterialPlastic, light gray (1 & 3 Way)
    Metal; light gray (6 Way)
    Ingress protectionIP 65 (plastic enclosure)
    IP 66 (metal enclosure)
    Mounting optionWall mounted
    Bottom face (metric breakaway entries)
    Sensor (order separately)
    Raystat-M2-GMoisture and temperature detecting sensor for embedding in outdoor surface
    CEIEC 61439-1

    Number of heating circuits1 Way3 Way6 Way9 Way
    Width  mm310310600
    Height  mm436586600
    Depth  mm148148210
    Weight  kg4.46.530.5