RAYCHEM T-100 splice, tee junction box for heat trace cable in hazardous and non hazardous areas - nVent

nVent Raychem T-100 splice tee junction box for use in hazardous areas

RAYCHEM T-100 splice, tee junction box for heat trace cable in hazardous and non hazardous areas - nVent

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Product details

nVent RAYCHEM T-100 splice tee junction box with integral pipe mount stand. Electrostatic charge resistant glass filled engineered polymer enclosure, forms part of the integrated components system and can be either pipe or wall mounted. The T-100 connects up to 3 heating cables and is approved for use in hazardous areas with nVent RAYCHEM BTV, HTV, KTV, QTVR, XTV, XTVR self-regulating heating cables, and nVent RAYCHEM VPL power limiting heating cables.  

Features & Benefits

  • Rugged: integral pipe mount stand protects heating cables
  • Simple to design: up to 480 VAC, 40 A
  • Easy to install:spring type terminals; no hot work permit required
  • Reliable long life: maintenance free, 10 year product warranty available
    ApprovednVent RAYCHEM heating cables: BTV, HTV, KTV, QTRV, XTVR & XTVR self-regulating; VPL power limiting
    Rated voltage480 VAC
    Max. current rating 40 A
    Temperature range-55°C to +56°C
    Min. installation temperature-55°C
    Enclosure materialElectrostatic charge resistant glass filled polymer: Colour BLACK
    Enclosure lid screwsstainless steel
    Enclosure lid gasketsilicone rubber
    Temperature classificationIP 66
    T-100 spice tee box kit contents
    splice / tee box 1
    core sealers3
    green/yellow earth sleeves3
    compression crimps3
    crimp insulating tubes3
    polywater sachet1
    strain relief assembly1
    grommet plugs2
    * IMPORTANT* The above numbers are for circuit length estimation only. For more detailed information please request nVent RAYCHEM TraceCalc software design. nVent requires the use of a 30 mA residual current device to provide maximum safety and protection from fire. Where design results in higher leakage current, the preferred trip level for adjustable devices is 30 mA above any inherent capacitive leakage characteristic of the heater as specified by the trace heater supplier or alternatively, the next common available trip level for non adjustable devices, with a maximum of 300 mA. All safety aspects need to be proven

    ATEX: PTB20ATEX1008U
    Ex II 2 G Ex eb mb IIC Gb
    Ex II 2 D Ex tb mb IIIC Db

    IECEX: IEC PTB 20.0014X
    Ex eb mb IIC Gb
    Ex tb mb IIIC Db

    DNV: TAE0000TU and TAE00000TV
    The T-100 approved by DNV for use on ships and mobile offshore units

    EAC Ex: RU C-BE.MЮ62.B00054/18  (1)
    Ex e IIC Gb U or Ex tb mb IIIC Db U
    Ta -55°C...+56°C  IP66
    ООО "ТexИмпорт"
    Ex e IIC Gb
    Ex tD A21 IP66

    (1) HTV approval pending
    Stand height (mm)
    Enclosure width (mm)
    Enclosure height (mm)
    Enclosure depth (mm)
    Weight (kg)