RAYCHEM T-M-20-S thermostat with safety limiter - nVent

nVent Raychem T-M-20-S thermostat with limiter

RAYCHEM T-M-20-S thermostat with safety limiter - nVent

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Product details

nVent RAYCHEM T-M-20-S mechanical thermostat and safety limiter controller provides accurate control and temperature limit of heating cables for freeze prevention and temperature maintenance applications. The safety limiter prevents the heating cable system exceeding a preset maximum temperature should the control function fail to operate or an unsafe process temperature occur. The thermostat with limiter is available in 3 temperature ranges: +0°C +50°C, +0°C +200°C and +50°C +300°C

Features & Benefits

  • Precise control: Line sensing with limiter
  • Adjustable ranges and temperature set points: 0°C to +50°C,  0°C  to +200°C and  +50°C to +300°C
  • Direct switching:  16 A, 400V a.c. single pole change over (SPDT)
  • Simple to design: direct connection of heating cables possible
  • Lightweight: Suitable for pipe mounted nVent RAYCHEM supports
    Applicationpipe freeze protection and temperature maintenance
    Area of Useordinary area
    Sensor typesurface temperature sensing
    Temperature range (thermostat)0°C to +50°C (T-M-20-S/+0+50C)
    0°C to +200°C (T-M-20-S/+0+200C)
    +50°C to 300°C (T-M-20-S/+50+300C)
    Temperature range (limiter)
    +20°C to +150°C (T-M-20-S/+0+50C)
    +130°C to +200°C (T-M-20-S/+0+200C)
    +20°C to +400°C (T-M-20-S/+50+300C)
    Setting/Resettinginternal dial, through lid
    Ambient operating range-20°C to +80°C
    Supply voltageup to 230V a.c. 
    Terminals4 mm² spring type 
    Switching typesingle pole change over (SPDT)
    Switching capacity16 A: thermostat
    10 A: limiter 
    Switching hysteresis≤ 2.5% of range (thermostat)
    Accuracy±0.5% of set point in upper third of temperature range (at 22°C ambient)
    Ingress protectionIP 65
    Mounting optionon pipe: Support brackets SB-120
    surface: using 4 x M6 fixing holes at 204 mm x 82 mm centres
    Mounting holes4 x M6
    1 x M25/M20  gland  (⌀ 8 - 13 mm)
    2 x M20: gland  (⌀ 8 - 13 mm)
    T-M-20-S variant+0+50C+0+200C+50+300C
    Typefluid filled capillary 2 m long
    Materialstainless steel
    Thermostat sensor (mm)⌀ 8 x 166 ⌀ 8 x 78⌀ 8 x 56
    Limiter sensor (mm)⌀ 6 x 58⌀ 6 x 78⌀ 6 x 176
    Temperature exposure-40°C to  +60°C-20°C to +230°C
    -20°C to +345°C
    Width220 mm
    Height120 mm (excluding glands)
    Depth90 mm
    Weight1.9 kg