RAYCHEM XL-Trace 31XL2-ZH contractor pack. 31 watt per metre flow maintenance heating cable. - nVent

XL-Trace:  Raychem 31XL2-ZH contractor pack. 31 watt per metre frost protection heating cable. Colour purple

RAYCHEM XL-Trace 31XL2-ZH contractor pack. 31 watt per metre flow maintenance heating cable. - nVent

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Product details

nVent RAYCHEM  XL-Trace 31XL2 contractor pack comprises a fixed length of 31XL2-ZH heating cable supplied in an easy to use and carry spool box. The spool allows the installer to feed out the required length easily, reducing installation time and effort.  nVent RAYCHEM 31XL-Trace ensures flow maintenance in grease lines and frost protection for larger pipes exposed to sub-zero temperatures. This self-regulating heating cable, combined with pipe insulation is ideal to maintain flow in fatty waste water pipes and ensure frost protection to larger diameter pipes, fire mains and sprinklers from freezing. Developed for use within commercial and residential buildings. XL-Trace cables are designed for use with a RayClic fast connection device.

XL-Trace Features & Benefits

  • Unparalleled safety: low smoke zero halogen: up to 90% less smoke emissions, improved self-extinguishing properties
  • Simple to design: long circuit lengths to 114 m, for fewer power connections and faster installation
  • Easy to install: highly flexible cable, cut to length, fast RayClic cold connection system
  • Energy efficient and safe: self-regulating cable, advanced energy saving controls, major savings when used with proportional ambient sensing controller (PASC), no cable overheating possible
  • Reliable long life: UV resistant, colorfast, maintenance free, 10 year product warranty available

    ApplicationPipe freeze protection, flow maintenance for fatty waste water
    Min.nominal power output 31 W/m at 5°C
    Suitable for pipe materialCopper: 
    Threaded metal: 

    Stainless steel: 

    Composite metals: 

      - use with aluminium tape ATE-180
    Maximum exposure temperature 
    85°C - continuous (power on/off)
    Maximum exposure temperature
    90°C - intermittent (power on/off)
    Max. cumulative exposure 800 hours
    Minimum installation temperature-40°C
    Minimum bend radius10 mm
    Supply voltage230 Vac 
    Chemical resistanceMild inorganic solutions
    Switch-on temp.Maximum circuit length (m). Circuit breaker size (C-type characteristic)
    Quick cable selection guide for pipe freeze protection at -20°C
    Insulation thickness

    Maximum pipe diameter (mm) for XL-Trace cable
    ≥10 mm
    ≥15 mm ≤28≤54
    ≥20 mm≤42≤67
    ≥25 mm≤54≤76
    ≥30 mm
    ≥40 mm
    ≥50 mm
    *** IMPORTANT *** For insulation types containing solvents and/or bitumen coating, use 31XL2-ZH
    Quick cable length estimation guide
    Total installed pipe length(m)
    + for each RayClic CE-020.3 m 
    + for each RayClic PS-020.6 m 
    + for each RayClic PT-020.9 m
    + for each RayClic S-020.6 m 
    + for each RayClic T-020.9 m
    + for each RayClic X-021.2 m
    + pipe ≥2" NB, 60 mm dia. for each valve1 m
    + pipe ≥2" NB, 60 mm dia. for each uninsulated support1m
    = Total heating cable length(m)
    *** IMPORTANT ***
    The heating cable should be installed in a straight line on the pipe in accordance with nVent RAYCHEM installation instructions.

    Cable loops instead of RayClic T-02 T-connectors can be made on short "dead legs" not exceeding 3 metre
    IEC62395:2013CE, VDE, EAC, CSTB
    IEC60754-1Zero halogen insulation material
    IEC61034-2Low smoke emissions
    IEC60068-2-5 and IEC60068-2-9UV resistance

    Thickness6.8 mm
    Width13.8 mm
    Weight0.135 kg/m
    Conductors1.3 mm² nickel plated copper