RAYCHEM XTVR - nVent launch new self-regulating heating cable

RAYCHEM XTVR - nVent launch new self-regulating heating cable

nVent RAYCHEM XTVR self-regulating heating cable - ready to protect!

The result of ground breaking R&D, new materials, nano-technology the new RAYCHEM XTVR from nVent has the same unique and proven construction as the original XTVR but is reloaded with superior thermal stability, will maintain and withstand higher temperatures and is available in more power variants.

Explore the new nVent RAYCHEM XTVR cable!

Higher Temperature 
  • More processes served 
  • Maintain up to 150°C 
  • Continuous exposure up to 150°C - power on
  • Maximum exposure up to 250°C
  •  Unconditional T3 rating (excl. 20XTVR*-CT) 
Proven Design 
  • Compatible with existing components 
  • Flexible 
  • Easy to install 
  • Large bus wires 2.3mm2 
  • Same unique construction as XTV 

Superior Performance
  • High power retention technology built in
  • Unparalleled thermal stability
  • 95% power retention after 10 years
  • 30 Year design life
  • 10 Year product guarantee
More Variants
  • 7 power variants at 230 V
  • 4 power variants at 110 V 
  • More efficient design possibility
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Less power infrastructure 


Explore the RAYCHEM XTVR, stronger for longer!