RAYCHEM XL-Trace 10XL2-ZH pre-terminated kits. 10 watt per metre frost protection heating cable. - nVent

RAYCHEM XL-Trace 10XL2-ZH pre-terminated kits. 10 watt per metre frost protection heating cable. - nVent

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Product details

nVent RAYCHEM 10XL2 pre-terminated kit comprises a 10XL2-ZH self-regulating heating cable with a pre-installed low smoke zero halogen cold lead cable of 4 m, cold lead to heater cable splice and end seal. The 10XL2-ZH kits are available in fixed lengths between 3-30 m. Factory terminated and electrically tested, reducing installation time and effort.  nVent RAYCHEM XL-Trace range ensures frost protection for pipes exposed to sub-zero temperatures. This self-regulating heating cable range, combined with pipe insulation prevent water pipes, fire mains and sprinklers from freezing. Developed for use within commercial and residential buildings. XL-Trace cables are designed for use with a RayClic fast connection device.

XL-Trace Features & Benefits

  • Unparalleled safety: low smoke zero halogen: up to 90% less smoke emissions, improved self-extinguishing properties
  • Simple to design: circuit lengths up to 30 m
  • Easy to install: highly flexible cable, cut to length, fast RayClic cold connection system
  • Energy efficient and safe: self-regulating cable, advanced energy saving controls, major savings when used with proportional ambient sensing controller (PASC), no cable overheating possible
  • Reliable long life: UV resistant, colorfast, maintenance free, 10 year product warranty available

    ApplicationPipe freeze protection
    Min.nominal power output 10 W/m at 5°C
    Suitable for pipe materialCopper: 
    Threaded metal: 

    Stainless steel: 

    Composite metals: 

      - use with aluminium tape ATE-180
    Maximum exposure temperature 
    65°C - continuous (power on/off)
    Maximum exposure temperature
    85°C - intermittent (power on/off)
    Max. cumulative exposure 800 hours
    Minimum installation temperature-40°C
    Minimum bend radius10 mm
    Supply voltage230 Vac 
    Chemical resistanceMild inorganic solutions
    Switch-on temp.Maximum circuit length (m). Circuit breaker size (C-type characteristic)
    Quick cable selection guide for pipe freeze protection at -20°C
    Insulation thickness

    Maximum pipe diameter (mm) for XL-Trace cable
    ≥10 mm
    ≥15 mm ≤28≤54
    ≥20 mm≤42≤67
    ≥25 mm≤54≤76
    ≥30 mm
    ≥40 mm
    ≥50 mm
    *** IMPORTANT *** For insulation types containing solvents and/or bitumen coating, use 31XL2-ZH
    Quick cable length estimation guide
    Total installed pipe length(m)
    + for each RayClic CE-020.3 m 
    + for each RayClic PS-020.6 m 
    + for each RayClic PT-020.9 m
    + for each RayClic S-020.6 m 
    + for each RayClic T-020.9 m
    + for each RayClic X-021.2 m
    + pipe ≥2" NB, 60 mm dia. for each valve1 m
    + pipe ≥2" NB, 60 mm dia. for each uninsulated support1m
    = Total heating cable length(m)
    *** IMPORTANT ***
    The heating cable should be installed in a straight line on the pipe in accordance with nVent RAYCHEM installation instructions.

    Cable loops instead of RayClic T-02 T-connectors can be made on short "dead legs" not exceeding 3 metre
    APPROVALS (XL-Trace 10XL2-ZH cable)
    IEC62395:2013CE, VDE, EAC, CSTB
    IEC60754-1Zero halogen insulation material
    IEC61034-2Low smoke emissions
    IEC60068-2-5 and IEC60068-2-9UV resistance

    Thickness6.8 mm
    Width13.8 mm
    Weight0.135 kg/m
    Conductors1.3 mm² nickel plated copper