RAYCHEM RayStat-M2 thermostat for ice and snow melting heating cables - nVent

nVent Raychem Raystat M2 thermostat for ice and snow melting heating cables

RAYCHEM RayStat-M2 thermostat for ice and snow melting heating cables - nVent

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Product details

nVent RAYCHEM RayStat-M2 thermostat for operation of heating cables for ice and snow melting applications in small to medium sized areas. Designed to minimise power consumption, for ease of installation and use the RayStat-M2 keeps ground surfaces, roofs or gutters free from ice and snow

RAYCHEM Raystat-M2: Features & Benefits

  • Economical control of ice and snow melting heating cables
  • Detection of temperature and moisture 
  • Electronic ON/OFF control of up to 3,600 W power
  • Easy to install
  • Adjustable moisture sensitivity setting
  • Forced heat application
    ApplicationIce and snow melting applications

     nVent RAYCHEM heating cables ICESTOP-GM2X, ICESTOP-GM2XT  and FroStop Black
    Area of UseOrdinary area
    Adjustable temperature range0°C to +10°C
    ON/OFF differential
    Supply voltage230 VAC ±10 %, 50/60 Hz
    Terminals2.5 mm², screw type
    Switching capacity output relay
    230 VAC, 16 A
    Power consumptionmax. 3 VA
    Run-on time0 - 5 hours
    Ambient temperature range
    -10°C  to +50°C
    Display and programming
    Screen typeLED
    LED indication
    1. POWER: on: GREEN
    2. MOIST: moisture detected: RED
    3. TEMP: temperature below set point: RED
    4. RELAY: heater circuit energised: RED
    MaterialAcrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS)
    Ingress protectionIP 20
    Mounting optionmountable DIN rail 35 mm
    Storage temperature-10°C to +50°C 
    RayStat-M2-GMoisture and temperature detecting sensor for embedding in outdoor surface
    RayStat-M2-RMoisture detecting sensor for placement in gutters or downpipe
    RayStat-M2-ATemperature detecting sensor for outdoor placement
    *** IMPORTANT ***
    All connections between the electrical supply, control panel and self-regulating temperature maintenance cable circuits shall be installed by an approved electrical contractor and protected by MCB (BS EN 60898 type C or D) and RCD (30 mA sensitivity, tripping within 100ms).

    EN 61000-6-3, EN 61000-6-2, EN 60730-1 and EN 60730-2-9

    Width45 mm
    Height86 mm
    Depth35 mm
    Weight0.20 kg